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Hello all,

I just wanted to ask if anyone would like to get involved with running and promoting the site. You've all played your part keeping things going last season for which I'm really grateful. I don't have much time these days but I'd like to get involved more here and try and bring the site back to it's former glory, it'd be good to do that as a team. If anyone would like help on an admin basis by adding features, designing the site, running Twitter, promoting the site or anything else please let me know in the comments.



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  • IT Skills not too bad jamie, will try and help as much as possible, Maybe create a facebook page as well , did that for my business we can promote site their big catchment area then.

    • Never thought about facebook, great idea phil, i mention KopFans on my timeline, best i can do.

    • Thnakd Phil, I used to have a page but it kinda fizzled out, it'd be good to get that back online.

  • Also i work at Anfield on Match days get too meet lots of people will promote their as well.

    • Really? What are you doing there Phil?

  • I like to give it a try and I do have IT skills such as computers, servers, setting up CMs, web design etc. I have a twitter account which I rarely use and I don’t use Facebook. Ever think of using Instagram?

    • Allow me to add another piece... technically KopFans is my only social media outlet.

    • I'm honoured! Thanks for the offer of helping and apologies it's took so long for me to respond! I'm going to get the ball rolling with it and will be in touch.

  • Hi all, I private messaged those of you who wanted to get involved, thanks to those of you that have replied. If you havn't replied please check you messages, thanks.

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