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Hello all,

I just wanted to ask if anyone would like to get involved with running and promoting the site. You've all played your part keeping things going last season for which I'm really grateful. I don't have much time these days but I'd like to get involved more here and try and bring the site back to it's former glory, it'd be good to do that as a team. If anyone would like help on an admin basis by adding features, designing the site, running Twitter, promoting the site or anything else please let me know in the comments.



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  • Best i can do is the match blogs Jay, as you know i'm a dinosaur when it comes to this stuff. I will definitely promote the site at work though, hopefully get some more members. 

  • Like Warrior I'm not very IT savvy but I will try to post the occasional blog and join in the converstions.  I try to get fellow Reds involved but they seem reluctant.  I'll have another go.  It's a shame the site has lost members because we have always had good converstions without the nastiness you often get on other sites.  It would be good to increase numbers again.  I have been having problems posting recently but hopefully the issue is now resolved.

    • Great to see you back on Huytonian, really hope Uncle is still onboard as well, like you i will try and recruit some new members but it is difficult, suppose people are just too busy these days but with my new job i've met a few new Liverpool supporters so i'll try get them onboard.

    • Thank you

    • Thanks, and glad the issue has been resolved.

  • Can’t do much on the IT side and don’t even have a Twitter or Facebook account but will do what I can can about recruiting fellow Reds when I come across one. 

  • I'm afraid my website skills are pretty much like everyone else's but I could write some kind of feature (if people can put up with my ranting and raving). Just a thought on the promotion of the site: At the risk of sounding a bit David Brent, I think we need to identify what exactly it is about our website that users won't get from the numerous other LFC fansites. The one thing I would suggest is that before we try bringing others onboard we must first create a well-formed, complete website with a clear identity that we can then promote to fans by suggesting 'look, you may be spending hours on other LFC fansites but here's a reason why you should give ours a try'. There's a lot of loyalty when it comes to fansites and getting people to divert their attention to new ones is traditionally very hard, that's why your site has to be a polished product before you start promoting it because if people are put off in any way they rarely return. If we're going to add more elements to the website we should do that before promoting the site, otherwise it's like trying to sell your house with the scaffolding still on. I don't want to get all marketing speak about this but if the site is basically going to be relaunched with the aim of getting more users there does need to be some kind of overall strategy or we'll continually flounder against much stronger opposition. It's worth recognising that as the amount of users increases so does the responsibility of policing the site - at the moment we police ourselves but you'd be surprised how quickly you start getting trouble as the numbers increase.

    • I don't think KopFans will ever be as big a site as some of the others, we've been going now for 4 years and still just a handful of us here. I think the best we can do is maybe get some friends onboard just to get some extra debate going, some more difference of opinion. I was very hopeful at one stage it would take off but sadly it hasn't happened. You're very correct in saying the more people onboard the greater chance there is of trouble and abuse so it's a catch 22 really, do we try and recruit or are we happy with what we have, me personally would like to have around 20 regular users debating every game, perfect but easier said than done. i will definitely do a recruitment drive in work, i still have a few KopFans keyrings that Jay sent me a few years ago so i'll dish them out to some genuine LFC fans, worth a try.

    • The problem is websites are tricky beasts to establish because of the user turnover at low numbers. If you have 20 users, for example, and 2 decide to leave you've lost 10% of your users in one go. If you have 200 users and 2 decide to leave you've only lost 1% of your users. Websites, by their nature, fluctuate all the time in the amount of people using them - you never have the same number constantly logged or signed up as members - so you have to have enough users to be able to survive the fluctuations in user turnover. If your website has a low number of users it is constantly teetering on the edge of viability, a handful of people leave and you're struggling. Let's be frank, the only reason Kopfans has continued is because a hard core of us has kept it ticking over as we've been in it from the beginning and we want it to succeed. That's alright in the short term but it's not a recipe for long term survival.


    • Thanks Sam, your website skills may not be so good but your philosphy is spot on. I'm going to get the ball rolling with this & will be in touch.

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