Firmino Signs New Longterm Deal

While the media is awash with the names of possible new signings for next season Jurgen Klopp has managed to get what is probably the most important signature of the lot. So important is Roberto Firmino to his dynamic attacking force that his agreement to a new longterm contract is something to really celebrate. We've been fortunate that Firmino has remained a rather unsung hero this season, he is every bit as valuable to Liverpool as Mo Salah but receives a tenth of the press coverage. Surprisingly, there has been relatively little obvious pressure from the 'bigger' clubs for him to move, unlike we saw with Coutinho, which appears to be fine by Firmino as he seems to be perfectly happy to remain with the Reds:

“It was an easy decision.

“The club have taken me in in an incredible way and I’ve grown a lot here with my work with the support of the whole team. I am very, very happy here.

“Everything fits in the best possible way. My teammates are fantastic and I am very grateful to be able to play with them at this club.

“I love to play for Liverpool FC. The fans are excellent and fantastic in how they support us all the way. They support us throughout the games and the work they do during the match is beautiful.”

Unlike the prolonged drama of Emre Can's contract negotiations Firmino appears to have been re-signed relatively quickly, partly because of his willingness to stay but also because his negotiating hand was stronger than that of Can. I have little doubt Klopp would've made it clear to his superiors that Firmino's retention is vital in maintaining much of Liverpool's attacking threat, any minor details in his contract would not have been worth arguing over. It's always a good sign when the club can retain its core players, it hints at the fact that those within the squad believe in the direction the club is heading.

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  • I have to admit I had some doubts about him especially as our number 9 but he has proved me wrong over the last couple of seasons.  He's the one who pulls the strings that allow our quick players on either side to operate so effectively.  Moreover he is now contributing goals and were it not for Salah's incredible record in that department he would be getting more publicity.  The three of them together are a perfect match and that shows when one or more of them is absent.  It's great news that he's signed a new contract and hopefuly we'll be enjoying his skills for a good few seasons more.

    • If Firmino was to leave I can't think of any available ready-made replacement for the job he does. He scores goals, he makes assists, he links the play, he makes loads of runs and he gets back to defend - as all-round players go there are not many better right now. 

  • It's great news and also a good sign from the owners that their willing to pay the best players the top wages. Sickening money but it's what they have to pay to keep these players at the club but you guys know me by now and how i feel about contracts, i take them with a pinch of salt. After what's happened in the past with our best players my attitude now is just enjoy watching them while their here. Hopefully we can start winning trophies again so these players will be more inclined to stay longterm, please god that starts with this seasons CL cup.

    • We should at least get a decent price now for Firmino, should he choose to move. It'd be interesting to see how Firmino would respond if Barce or Real made a move for him, I don't know whether he'd do a Coutinho. With Coutinho you felt he always viewed Liverpool as a stepping stone, I'm not sure Firmino sees things the same way. Listening to long interviews with Firmino it seems that he's fully aware that Klopp has pretty much built the team around him and that he's central to Klopp's plans at Liverpool. Because of that he's got a very unrestricted role, Klopp trusts him to roam anywhere in the attacking half, and that's how he's managed to accumulate so many goals and assists. It's doubtful he would get the same freedom at any other club, our way of playing suits Firmino's personality perfectly, and the big question is whether he realises that. I get the feeling he does.


    • Did you read that Salah and his agent have put off talking about/signing a new contract until after the season is over. I wonder are they waiting to see if we have CL football next season before deciding what to do or is it a case of not wanting any distractions and fully concentrating on winning the CL, my guess is the former but then i would say that, haha. If he has longterm ambitions with LFC and they have offered him a new improved contract then i don't see the problem in signing it like Firmino did, of course it has yet to be confirmed that he was offered a new contract, maybe there was just some prelimary talks and it's decided to wait until the summer.

    • He wouldn't be the first player to delay signing a contract to see if his team qualified for the Champions League. I just hope all these awards haven't gone to his head, just because he's highly effective as part of the Liverpool unit doesn't necessarily mean he'd be as effective outside of it. All those who know him say he's very humble so let's hope he stays like that. One of the Italian papers has written a detailed article stating that Can has already signed a contract with Juventus. I don't know how trustworthy this particular paper is but I wouldn't be surprised if it's true.

    • The grass is not always greener on the other side as the likes of Torres, Coutinho and to an extent suarez have discovered in recent time's. Gone are the days when a player played for the shirt no matter what, especially the top players as they'll always have the choice of playing for a club in the CL every season. Me personaly would rather be a legend at a club than be known as a journey man but then i'm old school. Regarding Can, i've already forgotten about him, really wouldn't bother me whether he stayed or left, we haven't missed him and with Kieta and whom ever else coming in this summer we won't miss him next season either, he's soon to discover that saying about the grass.

  • Bobby is a very underrated footballer that a lot don't see in his qualities. Not to be rude and  I find him more of a valuable player than Can even though Can is a good player. Klopp found someone for next season to take over and that is Keita. I look forward seeing Bobby in the red shirt in the future seasons with us.

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