Firminio's Disallowed Goal

This video technology worked perfectly at the World Cup 2018 in Russia and it has done very well at last season’s champion’s league. It appears that the PL or FA has major issues with the decisions with many goals from the games this season for being disallowed. Andy Gray does make sense with his thoughts.

Andy Gray
"When they first calibrate it, and they do it and 'oh, wait a minute, he's still onside, let's do it again". "They do it again, and lo and behold, it comes up that he's offside in the second calibration and suddenly he's offside. That should have been a goal, end of".

Another pundit pointed it out:

Chris Kamara
"I’m not happy with it, I’ll be 100 per cent honest with you," he said on Sky Sports' Goals on Sunday. "In my opinion this is made up, this has been made up by somebody at Stockley Park who’s decided they don’t want this to be a goal, and that is my opinion, and that is my honest opinion". Kamara even held up a piece of paper to the screen to prove that the VAR lines drawn weren't straight. "But the line that comes up towards Firmino isn’t straight - that’s not a straight line, that’s an angled line," he continued. "I put a piece of paper to it this morning haven’t I and I showed you - that is not a straight line". "Get your rulers out; get your spirit level out. That red line is not a straight line". "Now, somebody has decided to do that and I think they should be outed because that is not offside for me". "That’s why it’s not a straight line, look at that paper, look how angled it is, that’s not a straight line".

Just think about this for a minute or two. I am not saying this is a conspiracy or conspiracy theory. Something doesn’t seem right and I get a feeling that Martin Atkinson deliberately manipulated the lines and ruled it offside. I am all for VAR but for a reason I have no idea but my guess someone is getting paid off the keep the title race close or something doesn't add up. Anyway Man City was 1-0 down until the 70th minute against Southampton.

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  • I think incompetence is more likely than conspiracy. For reasons beyond me the Premier League put their own perameters on the VAR systems that had been tested in other competitions. Basically, the PL's version of VAR is getting its first trial in this season's competition, it is otherwise untested in this form. Many of the specific issues the referees and VAR technicians are facing they obviously weren't fully prepared for so they're making it up as they go along, thus we have the Firmino 'armpit' debacle. The referees are trying to cover for the VAR technicians and vice versa so decisions are being fudged but the core issue is neither of them fully understands the system as it is being applied in the PL. That is why we're seeing wild inconsistencies and if I was in charge I'd strip back VAR's use to two or three very clear purposes for the rest of the season, areas where the officials, and the fans, feel comfortable in it being used. Left as it is, VAR - a genuinely useful tool - will be tarnished for evermore.

  • Maybe if an error isn't obvious within say 20 seconds the VAR people should go with the match officials' original decision.  These 3 minute waits are rediculous.

  • It's definately having teething problems. I'm with Uncle here, not a conspiracy but incompetence. Hopefully it'll sort itself out in time but at least we're not the only club to have suffered.

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