Seems he didn't play for Lyon lastnight so looks like he's on the move but maybe not to us as i've just read chelsea are favourites to sign him, any thoughts on this, i'm 50-50 on it due to the knee problem he may have.

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  • He's ony been back in training a couple of days so I don't think him not playing last night is very significant.  I haven't seen a lot of Fekir but from what I have seen I would prefer us to spend our money on Pulasic, though that would not happen until next summer.  I think we have enough midfielders for the coming season without Fekir particularly since Shaqiri and Firmino can both play deeper and Jones is developing very nicely.

  • I think we can do without Fekir at this moment. Pullisic seems like a far better deal

    • Pullisic would be a great acusistion but looks unlikey at this late stage. I've read there might be a Kieta situation with him as in we pay now and the player joins next season. We've only got one more day in this window to find out.

  • What I find a little worrying with Fekir is that over the last week or so Lyon have hardly been busting a gut to keep him. Why do they now seem more comfortable for him to leave? I don't know, there just seems too many questions surrounding Fekir to feel at ease with his acquisition. I personally feel that unless we have a complete injury meltdown we should be alright for midfielders now. Shaqiri coming in and looking so fit and effective has really boosted us in that department.

    • I too am very happy with what we have now and am very optimistic for the season ahead. I suppose if there's question marks over a players head for whatever reason maybe it's best to air on the side of caution, me being a bit of a pessimist am thinking if he goes elsewhere in the prem and rips it up we'll be kicking ourselves but sometimes those are the chances you have to take and it looks like this is one of those times.

  • It seems the Fekir deal breaking down was purely medical according to james pearce of the Echo and if true we may have dodged a bullet there. Would have been a great signing but i reckon we're all very happy with the squad we have regardless.

  • Hello everyone.  Fekir not coming in is a shame, but, he failed the physical.  We got XS (I'll call him Excess from now on) instead.  I will not comment negatively on Excess again until he leaves or becomes a locker room problem.  Promise! No fingers crossed!  I'll even pinky swear... Ok maybe a tiny, wee, smidgen of an iota of criticism once in a while, but that's all!

    • I think the current situation at Liverpool has both a carrot and a stick for Shaqiri. The carrot is that if Shaqiri plays well on a regular basis he gets to play in a very exciting team made up of players of a similar standard to him, players that will make the most of his talents. The stick is that if Shaqiri doesn't pull his weight or causes trouble in the camp he'll find himself ostracised in the same manner as Sakho and moved on. The team is nowhere near as dependent on Shaqiri as Stoke was so I have no doubt Klopp will come down hard on him at the first sign of trouble. From what I've seen so far, though, it looks like Shaqiri seems very motivated to succeed and be a part of a successful squad. I also think he realises how lucky he is to get this opportunity and if he blows it he probably won't get another chance at this level. You can never be 100% sure how a player will react but I'll be surprised if Shaqiri implodes big time.


    • I recall thinking to myself when he was coming on yesterday "look at the determination on his face". He couldn't wait to get on and do his thing and for me he hasn't put a foot wrong since he joined. A great signing and i feel he's going to be a big player for us this season, delighted we have him. Just read that united wanted him also but he chose us, maureen is doing a great job over there, hahaha.

    • Sage you old dog, Shaqiri will be a cracking player for us mate, surely you can see that by now??????

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