FA Cup quarter-final draw rigged?

Leicester v Chelsea
Manchester United v Brighton
Sheffield Wednesday or Swansea v Rochdale or Tottenham
Wigan or Manchester City v Southampton

TV looking for a global audience from the Semi-Finals and the Final with the big teams? Do Spurs play at Wembley for their Semi-Final? I hope for a Rochdale v Wigan Final.

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  • Yes Spurs will play at Wembley if they get through, this could give them in my opinion an unfair advantage. The FA have sold out for spurs cash, if Spurs get through to the semi and win the Final should be taken away from Wembley and played at Cardiff to ensure an even playing field.But it wont because the FA will find an excuse.


  • It's good that Liverpool are relaxing in Marbella while their rivals for top 4 are battling it out in the FA Cup and the fact that all 4 are drawn apart in the quarters is also a bonus for us as they may well all end up playing semi-finals which tend to be mentally and physically draining especially if they go to extra time.  Arsenal are not involved but they have a League Cup Final next Sunday against City.  Hopefully we will be fresher than our rivals over the run in.

    • Every little bit helps our cause and is gratefully recieved, puts that extra bit of pressure on our boys all the same as they can't really complain of being tired from playing too many games, we'll be the freshes team over the next few weeks so we must take full advantage as it's very possible those teams around us will drop points over this period.

  • Who cares Lanno, we're not involved.

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