Does this explain Mane's reaction?


This handy little diagram shows the chances created by each of the front three players for the other front three players in the Premier League since the start of the 2017-18 season. What's noticeable is that Mane's chance creation for Salah is getting on towards double the number of chances Salah's created for Mane. Is Mane aware of this difference? We'll probably never know but it might help explain why Mane might feel the relationship between the two forwards is slightly lopsided at present. I doubt this is a serious problem right now but for the sake of unity it might be worth Klopp reminding Salah of this statistic.

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  • Let's hope Mane doesn't see that chart!  Neither is on international duty over the next couple of weeks so they have plenty of time to make up.

    • I was a bit surprised when I saw this diagram, I'd have thought if anything the figures would've been the other way around as Salah's assists stats are usually very good. I'm not particularly worried about it as going by what Henderson and Milner have said about the relationships between the forwards it should blow over quickly, although I do have a bit more sympathy for Mane now, I only wish he'd been a bit more discreet.


  • Interesting I didn’t have to see the chart but got the right feeling. Confirms my perception. 

  • I think two things need to happen, Mane needs to quit being a bit of a drama queen and Salah needs to pass the bloody ball a bit more. Not too concerned about this but Klopp does need to get a grip of it asap, we all know today's footballers are spoiled beyond reason and often throw their toys from the pram, too much bloody money and fame. 

    Salah really does need to look up more and spot the player in a better position than him to score, we've seen him lose the ball far to often when he takes it on himself. These things are down to Klopp and the coaches to sort out as it is a situation that could spill over but like i said, right now i'm not to worried about it, especially seen the banter with Milner and Mane on instagram.

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