Coutinho's Goodbye Message

I've been waiting for this because so far we've heard at length from pretty much everyone but the man himself:

Since the moment I arrived in Liverpool , me and my family have been made to feel so welcome and have made so many friends.

On the pitch and off the pitch, we have experienced the beauty of this club and its fans. In turn, I hope I have delivered memories and moments that have brought happiness to the Liverpool supporters.

Moving to Liverpool, I knew the club’s greatness and history but what I did learn during my time was the unique heart and soul of the place. It has its own personality and character.

I leave Liverpool because Barcelona is a dream for me. Liverpool was a dream that I was fortunate enough to realise and I have given five years of my life to it. A career on the pitch only lasts for so long and to play for Barcelona as well as Liverpool is something I want to experience and enjoy while I am blessed enough to be able to do so.

I hope the supporters understand that choosing to experience something new is not about diminishing their importance to me or the club’s importance. Nothing will ever diminish that in my heart.

I wish Jürgen and the team nothing but joy and success for the rest of this season and beyond. This is an amazing team and they are getting better and better all the time.

There are too many people I want to thank, but I cannot name everyone individually.

To all the amazing club staff who have been part of my life in Liverpool - I will miss you. To the owners, whom have tried so hard to bring success, and to the football recruitment staff for showing faith in me to bring me here and rewarding me during that journey, and to my incredible teammates, past and present, who have helped me grow and improve as a player and a person, I would like to say thank you to you all. Anything I have achieved here would not have been possible without you.

And finally, to the most important people of Liverpool - the Liverpool supporters. I can never thank you enough for what you have given me during this time and no matter where I go in the world, for the rest of my life, I will always cherish Liverpool in my heart. You, the club and the city will always be a part of me.

You’ll Never Walk Alone.


Although it will be hard for some supporters to accept Coutinho does speak some honest truths in this message. A footballer's career is short and only a select few will be offered the chance to play for Barcelona. Imagine you'd been offered the opportunity to play for your dream club and for some reason you don't manage to take it up. Let's say, for example, Coutinho had waited for Barcelona to make an offer in the summer but in the meantime he suffered an ACL injury and they signed someone else instead. That's the kind of missed opportunity that has led some footballers to drink in the past. I'm not happy with what Coutinho has done, it's damned inconvenient for us, but as a human being I can understand it. I don't think Coutinho has been particularly duplicitous with us (apart from the occasional suspect injury) so I don't agree with him being portrayed as a snake by some. He stayed at the club for five years and won nothing, that's a decent amount of goodwill shown by a wanted player these days. He's just a young player trying to squeeze every last drop out of a fragile career. We say goodbye and turn our full attention to making sure we don't miss him.

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  • Don't quite know what to say but wish him well
  • I have to admit, i was very pleasantly surprised to read that he won't play for Barca for at least 3 weeks due to a thigh injury, proves he wasn't pulling a fast one on us which i and many others thought he was doing, so i retract that. The saga is over now and i completely concur with your last sentence, lets move on now and make sure he's just a good memory and that we don't miss him at all. We can only hope the other don't mope and just get on with what they do best, lets not regret losing Coutinho and instead be grateful for the massive fee and a chance to improve the team further. 

  • He's given us great memories and despite his disappointment when his proposed move fell through in the summer he didn't sulk but actually upped his game this season to a new level.  So I too wish him the best and look forward to seeing him link up with Messi ans Suarez.  I'm always disappointed when a player wants to leave Liverpool but the only departure that still grates is that of Sterling who I felt owed us a couple of seasons (though he wouldn't get in our current team).  Torres was annoying at the time but given his Chelsea career and the fee we got I now think it was a smart bit of business.

  • It's a good message from him and like many, I wish him the best. I have 2 fears really, 1. the VVD and Keita deals are coming out of the Coutinho money and 2. we don't bring in someone to fill his role in the squad.  He's a unique and special player and there aren't players with his all of his talents around but I think the area we need to address is getting a player capable of being creative midfield and with an eye for a pass and able to pick out a player when they make runs.  Those through balls and little dinks in behind is what helps the likes of Mane and Salah be so effective.  They can make runs in behind and take up positions in space all they want but if our midfield isn't able to find them then we're really going to struggle.  At the moment it looks like Klopp is going to trust the players we have already.  Lallana is someone who can take that responsibility in midfield for us but one injury and we'll be left short.  Ox will also have more game time which will be good because he'll bring drive and pace in midfield and hopefully his passing will improve.

  • With perhaps the exception of Real Madrid I don't think any other club could've tempted Coutinho away from us at this moment in time and I think that's an important distinction to make. We found out from Brendan Rodgers this week that Suarez nearly left us for Juventus and Arsenal before he finally eventually went to Barcelona. Some players just want to be at a club that's performing better than the one they're currently at but I don't think that accusation can be made against Coutinho, he endured a long fallow period at the club before taking the one offer he knew he could never reject.

    With regard to what we do next, it's difficult because there are so many variables involved. When will Lallana and Henderson get back to full fitness and form? Will it be possible to bring in Keita early? What's the availability on the myriad of players that we've been linked to? Could a change in formation be the answer, or at least a temporary solution? Klopp is not the easiest person to predict at the best of times and until he makes his next move it's hard to tell which route forward he's going to take. One thing that worries me a little is that Coutinho was one of those players who made certain teammates look better. Firmino, Salah and Mane thrive on imaginative play and when I look at our remaining squad I question whether we have enough of the kind of creativity South American and Iberian players bring to a side. The thing you can be sure of, though, is that if we're having any of these thoughts then Klopp has already had them so it's just a case of anxiously waiting for him to play his hand.

    • Too true. We need a baller in our team. We have hard workers, pacey runners but a complete baller who can run the game from midfield is missing.

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