• It's a nice consolation that they're out but tbh, I'd much rather us beating them this past weekend in the league and knocking them out of the quarter finals. In a perfect world, I guess...

  • Me too.  However,  a perfect world should remain a dream, else, what would there be to strive for?  Can't wait for the CL draw (fingers and toes again).

  • Oh what a sweet moment, so so happy they got knocked out, really hope we get sevilla in the quarter's, main reason, revenge for the final of course but also to have the chance to show manure how to beat them.

  • I thought the first Sevilla goal was a nice piece of passing football and it'll teach United not to be so dismissive of other CL clubs. United thought they couldn't possibly lose that game but any team that reaches the last 16 of the CL is capable of something.

  • Can not believe the commen of Mou that man utd are used to being knocked out of the CL because after all he did it to them twice with Porto and Real Madrid. FFS

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