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I heard there is a debate on the question "Does LFC need another defender?"  My question is why is there a debate about an obvious need.  We needed one last summer when I brought up the fact that except for VVD, all our CBs can be considered walking wounded!  Gomez is a wonderful, youthful CB who works well with VVD but his history puts any idea that he will last the season without a major injury in doubt.  His effort and loyalty are not in question, but has he been given enough time to really get over his past injuries?  I believe with enough time to gain the strength needed for a Premier League season, he will become very steady and reliable.  Until then, we need a body out there we can count on to be available for most of the seasons matches.  This Spanish CB we are supposed to have made a bid on, sounds like the needed ingredient in the defensive stew.  Only question left is who is going to leave?

Attacking Midfielder - we need an attacking midfielder or another striker according to the pundits.  I believe we need both.  If we are to contend with MC we need a counter to Sane and De Bruyne.  I know we have the OX but I would not like to tie him down to one position. He seems too valuable an asset to pigeon hole, and that is why I believe we need more than one asset in the AM position. 

Trent and Robbie - both need backups eventually, but I believe they can wait a year or we can promote a couple of our trainees and develop them as backups.

Enough from me.  I don't believe we will fill more than 2 or three of the slots that I have mentioned but which slots (other than CB) would you choose?  I'm back to about once a week on my computer but Liverpool still gets my blood pressure up a little. Miss communicating more often.  YNWA!

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  • I'm not convinced another central defender is a top priority though a replacement for Lovren would not go amiss.  More important is a full back especially as cover for Robertson.  Adam Lewis has been mentioned as possibly moving up from the U23's but he lacks experience and although his energy and delivery are excellent he struggles defensively in one on ones against tricky wide men.  Laruci is a better bet with his pace, trickery and speed of recovery but he is even younger and less experienced than Lewis.  I can see Hoever being cover for Trent on the right.  Although he is very young he has the self-confidence of someone who knows he can become a great plyer even at 17.  Further forward I would see top priority being a goalscoring forward who can play across the front line.  This would need to be a top player so we have little or no dip in quality when one of the usual three is out.  I also have hopes for young Brewster now he is recovered from his terrible injury.  A creative midfielder of the Fekir type would give us a different dimention but I would see this as a lesser priority than a player who can play across the front line.  The good thing is that we can be confident the recruitment team will bring in the right players unlike in the not too distant past.

  • I think a left back is a priorty, we've used milner as back up there but lets face it, he aint getting any younger. I think Fekir could be back on our radar and would be very happy for him to come on board but i'm with Huytonian, a striker who can play across the front line would be great, of the same quailty of our usual front 3 would be fantastic so we don't see a dip when one of them gets injured, i know origi has done well when called upon but he's not up to the other 3s standard. I desperately want to see the back of lovren and if i get my wish we'll need to get a centre back in, gomez is injury prone and that only leaves matip so a centre back could be needed if we sell lovren.

  • With the extra fixtures added onto the next season such as the Community Shield, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. Not to forget the Internationals the players participate for their countries. We do need new faces in before the transfer window shuts at August 8th. We have released Moreno, Sturridge and three more young players. There’s a possibility that some players have been identified but they are not telling us and last season the purchase of Fabinho really caught us off guard. It’s best to keep secrets when dealing with transfers.

    • But LFC keep secrets so well.  Remember last year's transfer window.  I've got this strange mental itch that a certain CB is coming our way.  Hope I didn't just jinx us!  Fixtures aside, any "reasonable" opportunity to enhance the squad's overall quality, should be examined.

  • We have signed Sepp van den Berg for under £2M. A 17 year old CB from the Dutch League.

  • He comes with a good reputation but obviously he's very inexperienced.  Maybe a season in the U23's followed by one on loan would see him ready to replace Lovren as one of our back-up defenders.  I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed that we haven'y yet bought cover for the left back position or the front three.  Hopefully something will happen before the pre-seson games begin.

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