All Was Apparently Not As It Seemed

For the Past Two years and 4 (?) transfer windows, I have openly questioned JK's transfer policy at every turn.  Why hasn't he rid himself of Moreno and Lovern?  Where is the DM that everyone wants?  Why build a team from the front to the back?  Everyone knows defense wins championships.  Sell.Coutinho in January, just before the CL final 16?  Madness!  Managerial ineptitude!  Sheer folly and stupidity on an epic scale!  I went on, ranting and raving to my hearts content and thank God, it meant nothing to anyone in a position to do anything about it.  My epiphany came  when I read that many sports writers in England think LFC is the second b est team in the EPL.  How could this be, I thought, I was sure I knew the germanic thought process - Linear, Sane, and Utterly Predictable.  Suddenly I saw his dealings in a new light.  What if Herr Klopp was faking at a scattershot recruitment but was picking off the people he wanted, when he wanted.  It couldn't be luck, so no other explaination is possible. I now have a heiightened respect for JK.  Rebuilds the team, and winds up with money in the bank to fund further recruitment.  That is transfer skill at the highest level and to do so without engaging in bidding wars with our rivals is no mean feat.  I openly apologize Jurgen Klopp and will never doubt you again (yeah right). YNWA.

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  • a cracking & open post which clearly applies to every single one of us when fully understanding the vision of Klopp & his management team. I’ve left Anfield many times during his tenure & debated so many of these subjects that you have highlighted, including our goalkeepers & leaders on the pitch.

    Klopp has remained solid & remains a clever coach by developing all players to his work ethic but also adding qualit, which has strengthened our squad. 

  • I think we've all wondered at times just what Klopp was doing in terms of building his team.  Perhaps we should have listened to what he was saying.  Firstly he wanted to improve the existing players and he has certainly achieved that with the likes of Firmino. Lallana, Can and arguably even Lovren and Moreno.  Then he has said he would ony bring in players who were better than the ones he already had.  While his recruitment has not been perfect (nobody's ever is) it has been far better than anything we have seen for many a year.  He will only bring in players who will suit his system.  He is also very strong on team ethic and has worked hard to create a happy dressing room.  While there will always be players unhappy at being left out, he seems to have succeeded in developing a great team spirit and a team that is even beter than the sum of its parts.  Yes the goalkeeping, central defence and defensive midfield arguably still need strengthening but I would much rather see our attacking brand of football than watch the more cautious brand played by Mourinho, even if his team are a couple of points ahead of us at the moment.

  • The caricature Klopp we see most of the time seems to mask a very determined, intelligent and strategic manager. He's playing the long game with regard to building the team and that, of course, makes many of us feel uncofortable in the short term. He's not afraid of taking calculated risks, some which we may not agree with, and his logic is not always the easiest to follow but the stats are undeniable, on almost every measure we're improving from last season. However, Klopp will be all too aware that in the end every Liverpool manager is judged on the number of trophies they've won so he's got to make that final, and most difficult, leap from not only winning matches but winning matches when it matters most. Klopp has the potential to be a great once he's made Liverpool consistent winners.

  • No doubt we're the 2nd best team in the Lge but Klopp has to start winning these finals he gets into, he has an awful record in finals so until that changes he'll be known as a good manager but not great.

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