All games cancelled

Was only a matter of time really, 30 effing years we wait to lift the title and we get an effing virus affecting the world, talk about making us wait!!!!!!

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  • There seems a chance that Liverpool will be awarded the title even if the season finishes now, but I think every effort will be made to complete League fixtures even if the FA Cup and possibly the CL are scrapped.  The European places and promotion and relegation need to be sorted.  If games have to be played behind closed doors so be it.  The only difficulty I would then envisage is if so many clubs are in shutdown because players or staff are ill that it proves impossible to complete fixtures anyway within a reasonable timescale.  What a shmbles!  Nobody could have made this up.

    • I think the Euro's will definitely be cancelled but i can't see the Lge being cancelled as well, like you say, CL spots, relegation and promotion from the Championship all have to be decided yet, simply too much at stake to just cancel everthing. If the Euro is scrapped it gives them the chance of going further into the summer to complete the Lge's which i think makes perfect sense, we can only sit and wait to see what happens. Lets not forget it's the FA and UFEA we're talking about so half expect the wrong choices to be made.

    • We should be awarded the PL title since we have a 25 point gap lead over Man City and there is no way they will catch us.

  • The FA cup and UEFA and euros can be canned easily enough. It’s just a one off to my mind. Relegation battles and topping the league should take priority. It’s a season long thing. Lots will be said like the West Ham Chairman who feels everything should be null and void when they only above the regelation zone on goal average. What a major effing Beech. FFS

    • She's only interested in saving her ass bank and the club's bank accounts when it comes to money, finances, etc.

  • Forgot to mention reported in the ‘sun’ the worst of the worst tabloid around 

    • Speaking of her column in the scum paper that she wrote recently about having the season null and void. Aldridge wrote an interesting piece on the Irish Herald which was not many Liverpool folks will be reading and haven't read the scum tabloid over 30 years.

  • How would you all feel if the Lge was cancelled but we got awarded the title. Maybe they could have a playoff situation to determine the who gets relagated and who gets the CL and EL spots. Similar scenario in all the other Lge's, of course there'll be arguments from different clubs because of who has more or less points, i think the only thing that is 100% certain is that we were winning the Lge no matter what so that should not, under any circumstances, be taken away from us. I say let the rest battle it out as nothing else was certain in my opinion.

    • Euro 2020 has been postponed until the summer of 2021 and likewise the Copa America.  Hopefully this will allow domestic fixtures to be completed but there is no guarantee that will happen as the pandemic is going to get much worse in the UK before it eases.  It should be a case of wait and see regarding what steps the PL should take.  There is no need to make any big decisions yet.

  • The football season has been suspended to April 30th so we have Arsenal (A), Chelsea (H) and Newcastle (A) in the month of May... the backlog of 6 fixtures will go ahead after the first three games from May and probably the season should finish in late June.

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