Adam Lallana's Insane Three Minutes Against Leicester

3648826498?profile=RESIZE_710xAdam Lallana was only on the pitch for about three minutes against Leicester City but the trail of anarchy he left in his wake during that time is quite remarkable, as explained...

Adam Lallana may only have entered the contest in the 92nd minute, shortly before Sadio Mané was awarded a penalty after being felled in the box by Marc Albrighton, but the 31-year-old midfielder made certain to stamp his mark on the game.

As soon as James Milner coolly stroked the penalty past Kasper Schmeichel to seal the three points for Liverpool, Lallana broke into a high-intensity sprint to collect the ball ahead of the Danish stopper, in an attempt to prevent the Foxes from taking a swift kick-off.

Schmeichel, though, unsurprisingly managed to wrestle the ball off Lallana with relative ease, in a physical contest akin to a Great Dane taking on an excitable miniature Schnauzer puppy. Lallana, though, was unperterbed. He had come on the pitch seemingly with the sole intention of seeking a scrap, and oh boy did he pursue it.

After having the ball snatched from his grasp, rather than walk away, Lallana proceeded to launch himself at full pelt into Jonny Evans, Leicester's 6ft 2in centre-back, but not satisfied with his first shoulder barge, he went back for seconds and aimed another sly dig in the back of the Northern Irishman.

Next up in Lallana's incessant quest for aggro was the Turkish defender, Çağlar Söyüncü, who had clearly had enough and shoved him away with a considerable degree of force, prompting Fabinho to depart from Liverpool's celebrations and diffuse the situation.

Round one, complete. But oh no, Lallana wasn't finished just yet...

At full-time, Andy Robertson gave Ayoze Perez a slight elbow to the ribs on his way to celebrate with Lallana and Virgil van Dijk, only for the Spaniard to retaliate with a heavy shove in the Scotsman's back.

Lallana, of course, was licking his lips at the opportunity to get involved in yet another physical confrontation, pouncing immediately onto the scene to protect his team mate.

All of a sudden, Perez found himself surrounded by Van Dijk, Milner, Robertson and Lallana, forced to retreat after picking a fight he probably instantly regretted (although he still had time to style his hair mid-way through the scuffle).

It was hardly out of character for Lallana, given he was once sent off for throttling an opposition player while playing for the U23s against Tottenham Hotspur after being on the receiving end of several heavy tackles, although this latest exhibition of Lallana's fiery streak was considerably less violent than that unsavoury incident.

And while Lallana has barely featured so far this season, he certainly doesn't lack commitment to the cause on this evidence – even if there is an amusing, teenage pettiness to his determination to seek out conflict in situations such as these.

The thing about this Liverpool side is that while they play some beautiful football and aren't renowned for being particularly aggressive, they can be a gnarly gang of ba***rds when they want to.

Lallana's wild Leicester cameo epitomised just that. Three minutes of pure, unadulterated needle.

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  • I think it's just pure frustration at being so far down the pecking order, he always thought he was a far better player than he actually is, surprised he's still at the club to be honest.

    • As with many of the fringe players I think there's a strong desire to be involved in a team that is doing so well and to play for such a motivational manager. That's a good sign because so often fringe players mope on the sidelines whereas ours at the moment are bursting to get on the pitch.


    • It's a good thing to show desire of course but he has to direct it in a different way as in performances on the pitch rather than causing trouble, he's not doing himself any favours by coming on and acting like a bull in a china shop. He has to concentrate more on his football than upsetting the opposition if he wants to try and break into the first 11 or at least get some more game time.

  • That to me is uncalled for and not the Liverpool Way. We don’t need that kind of childish and unsporting behavior to win games

    • I didn't see his antics but from what has been described he needs to calm down.  As one of our most experienced players he should be setting an example to the younger lads.  He won't be doing his teammates any favours if he receives a red card and we end up with 10 men. 

    • I have some sympathy for Lallana. We know Klopp whips up a very strong team spirit so to not have an outlet for that as a player, because you're not playing, must be highly frustrating. Lallana obviously wants to show his worth to his manager and his teammates but he was given only a couple of minutes to do it. It's hardly surprising all that stored up energy came out in a furry of hectic activity. I agree he shouldn't have been quite so confrontational, getting a card wouldn't have helped anyone, but from a purely human perspective I can understand his need to feel he's playing his part in the team.


    • Of course we all understand his emotions from a human perspective but he's supposed to be a professional, he should keep himself in check and realise this behaviour is not really helping his cause. Klopp being an emotional person as well will fully understand but i'm guessing he might want Lallana to channel his emotions in another direction rather than causing aggro on the pitch. I'm sure Lallana will probably regret some of his actions and your right in saying we may rather see this than a player sitting on the bench mopping. I do sympathise with him to an extent but he really needs to make the most of any playing time he gets but certainly not in this way.

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