2018-19 Home Kit Revealed

I'm not sure whether the job of Liverpool kit designer is the easiest or hardest in the world. On the one hand you just have to pick a shade of red and add a few lines here and there, but on the other hand it must be hard coming up with something new each year when the remit is so restrictive. Personally, I quite like the kit, it's very 'classic' (I like the shade of red), but perhaps they could've been a little more adventurous. Any thoughts?

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  • I would say it's an easy job, i mean, how similar are they every season, especially since the americans took over, no imagination goes into them anymore, so long as there red and have the liverbird on them, gig done. I used to buy them every season but this past few i haven't bothered and purely because they all look so alike but of course i love it.

  • Wish I could buy a shirt here in SA at a decent price. They sell for about R1000 rands that is

    • That's another reason why i gave up buying them, ridiculous what they charge, 70-80 euro, depending on where you buy it here in dublin.

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